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Laurell Cossette (Weidner) Mathews

April 23, 1950 ~ December 28, 2018 (age 68)

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Graveside Inurnment Memorial Service
April 20, 2019

10:00 AM
Fairview Cemetery
4 Miles South of Hwy 15 on FM1455
Follett, TX 79034

Life Sketch of Lori Mathews: April 23, 1950 – December 28, 2018


  • Beginning

            Laurell Cossette Weidner was born to Robert F. Weidner and Laveda May Appel Weidner in Friona  Texas on April 23, 1950. Followed by the birth of her brother Randall Fulton Weidner in  1951, a sister Pamela Sue Weidner in 1953, and a sister Cynthia Ann Weidner born in 1955. She was preceded in death by her brother and father.


  • Amarillo Years

            Lori was 2 years old (1952) when the family made their trek to Amarillo. Lori was of the generation where you could go to school without fear of a shooting and could play outside     without adult supervision. October 1965, as a sophomore at Palo Duro High School, she  meet her soon to be husband, Dennis Mathews. On June 3rd 1967 Laurell Cossette Weidner          became Lori Mathews. In March 1968 Lori gave birth to her first child, Michelle Denise Mathews. A short time after the birth Lori decided to go to work. She landed her first job at Levis Strauss. I believe this was the beginning of some of her most memorable fun times. She car pooled with a high school friend, in her car - a red white and blue 56 Chevy station wagon named Captain America, playing and singing to music played thru an 8 track tape player. This  set the tone for their workday, a Happy Day. She left this fun place to give birth to her second            daughter Melissa Dee Mathews in August 1971. Shortly before Melissa's birth Lori and her sister became interested in motorcycles, actually racing motocross on Sundays (her parents baby sat). She, her sister and friends did well racing winning trophy's and being pictured in a  motorcycle magazine. Life was good, but that changed in February 1981. Santa Fe moved  the Amarillo offices to Topeka Kansas. One of the most heartbreaking days of her life.


  • Topeka Years

            The Topeka transition was tough on her, until she became active in the Topeka Adventist Church teaching children the good news of Jesus. She gained work experience by managing  some Fast Food Restaurants. Her daughters graduated from Topeka schools, and went on to  meet their Husbands. Melissa found the Love of her life Lance French and gave Lori her first      Grand Child– Dylan French. Michelle followed suit married Dustin Edwards and gave her  another Grand Child – Johnny Edwards. The family picture became complete with the Birth of  her first Grand Daughter Lexy French followed by the birth of Mary Grace Edwards. Lori's life  was consumed with her grand children, she loved her grand kids unconditionally, it was her happy place in life.


  • Ft Worth Years

            We relocated to Ft Worth in 2011. We started out our Ft Worth experience by connecting with the Burleson Seventh-day Adventist Church, Lori became a Deaconess, and Greeter – these   activities and being with her family made her very happy.  Life seemed to be at its best for her. That is until one April evening in 2014. Next day she began feeling really punky but thought her discomfort would eventually subside. This is when her journey with cancer began.


  • Beginning of the Greatest Journey and a Closure on her Worldly Journey

            She made an appointment with her Physician (who was also her friend) the next day. She was  recommended to specialists. She under went some surgery's with little to no relief. She was  recommended to a Surgeon in Dallas who after consultation recommended another specialist  who would perform more detail exploration. That is when she was informed that she had  Pancreatic Cancer and needed surgery. The surgery was scheduled on July 10, 2014. The doctor upon completing the surgery called us in with our expectation of successful surgery, not to be.    He told us she had stage 4 in-operable Pancreatic cancer. He further stated that he thought Lori    had 7 weeks up to 7 months max.  All thru this she was very positive and   knew God was in  control and it was his plan. Now the journey began. She began chemo treatment in August 2014   with her last treatment November 2018. Lori began asking the nurses if they would be ok with    prayer before infusion, and they were good with it. Because of her tradition of praying before  infusion, she unknowingly was assigned the name God Lady. One day when walking into the  infusion room a patient stopped her and asked if she was The God Lady and if she would pray for him. She immediately dropped to her knees grasped his hands   and began to pray – How    Awesome. Thru the upcoming years her activities became more and more limited. She enjoyed  going to the lake weekly and driving the boat – The Best Boat Driver. During this time our  Pastor's son would be in Lori's care during services. Lori realized that he may need something  to enjoy during the service, so she began to bring him weekly gifts. One week she told me she  felt badly and there were other children that would enjoy gifts, which she began bringing. This is the beginning of her becoming referred to as the Church Grand Ma. She was blessed with a Great Grandchild in May 2015 - which was a goal to see her born. Friday December 14, 2018  she noticed a bulge on her right side and became concerned about it, but since it was Friday we   decided to wait til Monday – besides she did not want to miss Church, her Church kids, her Sabbath Class, and her time with God at the Alter. So Monday we went in and got fluids,  testing, pain relief, and an MRI. 5 o'clock that evening she   got a call that the MRI had been read and appeared to have a blockage and that she needed to check into the ER. She checked in  with more test and eventually they ruled out a blockage but thought it was the cancer that had  migrated to the small intestines. Stayed in the hospital til Thursday afternoon and released to  home. The day after Christmas we had an appointment with her Oncologist to follow up with her recent hospital stay and to understand the next steps. Her Oncologist recommended hospice,   Lori chose In Home Hospice. She passed Friday night at 10:16 very peacefully. Her eyes were Bright looking towards the ceiling , she had the best smile she could muster considering the  situation, I held her as she took her last breath – very peaceful. You know thru her journey she touched so many lives, and she never ever said “Why Me”, instead she said “Why Not Me” and   she said she was blessed that “God had chosen her for this journey”. God has received a True  and Faithful servant. You'll notice her as the prettiest Angel with the brightness most contagious smile in Heaven.


                                                            “WHAT A  LADY”!

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